Limburg Province

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    The province of Limburg asked Mattmo to map the area and make it an attractive place to visit.

    Mattmo has experience in this type of area branding and was eager to reveal the true essence of the province.


    Commissioned by the Province of Zuid Limburg, Mattmo mapped 650 landscape points.

    Aiming to build a database that can be used for various purposes.
    Mattmo researched and recorded these points in texts, photography, film, animation, illustration and voice-over, showing each unique location in its most flattering medium.


    This project aimed to build a digital database with tourist information about the landscape.

    This database makes the province available to third parties (e.g. private parties) who have developed or will develop interfaces to use this information. One can think of (web related) GPS applications (PDA, GPS mobile). The stories enable a relationship between soil, water, nature, man, occupation, landscape and monuments.


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