Area concept

    The challenge

    Mattmo created in collaboration with Atelier Dutch a plan for Cruquius.

    The pillars of this plan are temporality and vitality. The plan incorporates new housing concepts into a working port and recreational area in the most easterly part of Amsterdam.

    The Foundation Platform Public Space wants to give a boost to the public debate on design, development and management of public space with the goal of sustainable quality of public space as a carrier of urban life. 

    The solution

    Mattmo decided to establish a public debate about the design and conservation of the area.

    With this idea we hoped to create a responsible management plan of what would happen to the public space.


    The result

    New ways of working and living is a process in development.

    It is an interpretation of how people want to work and live. Mattmo's strategy makes it possible to deploy the transformation, regardless of medium or long-term planning. The cell structure, chosen by the development team, facilitates a symbiosis with further (project) development in the area. Top-down and bottom-up activities can run parallel to each other. Creating a flexible environment for development.


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