Mattmo loves to learn and encourage the spread of innovation.

    Lectures and presentations

    Every time we take the stage it is an honor and privilege.

    We give lectures in both the academic and professional fields. We learn as much from each of these experiences as we give. Doing a culture scan of each city, getting a feel for the heart and rhythm of the cultures that live there. Every social center has trends and tendencies that make them unique, this is what we aspire to find, in our own back yard or across boarders.

    Helsinki Design Week

    Istanbul Design Week

    List of Lectures

    HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht

    Lecture about visual research

    December 2015

    Accra, Ghana
    Lecture on Citybranding, Accra Revisited Event organisation by DASUDA
    February 2015

    Rockacademie, Tilburg
    Lecture about Personal Branding
    September 2014

    Parsons, New York City
    September 2014

    PRATT, New York City
    September 2014

    Elisava, Barcelona
    June 2014

    Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
    Lecture about area branding
    May 2013

    Art academy Maastricht
    Lecture about sustainability and education
    June 2012

    Art academy Maastricht
    Lecture about the future of ICT in education
    April 2012

    University of Applied Sciences Utrecht
    Lecture March 2012

    Panel discusion Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdam
    March 2012

    Istanbul Design Week
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Lecture, October 2011

    Yildiz University
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Lecture, September 2011

    Stamm conference, Pesse
    Area Branding versus the community 
    July 2011 

    Design Academy Eindhoven
    Lecture: designers versus "waste" creators 
    July 2011 

    Bencham, Shanghai 
    Branding in the Digital Age
    June 2011 

    The Netherlands Institute for Heritage
    Monique Mulder becomes member
    Meeting, April 2011

    Art Academy Maastricht
    Portfolio viewing, Januari 2011

    BNO (Association of Dutch Designers)
    Entrepreneurship in China
    Presentation, October 2010

    Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
    "How to create the ideal city"
    Round Table meeting, October 2009

    World Business Forum
    Qingdao, China
    Lecture, June 2009

    Communicating the Museum
    Malaga, Spain
    Lecture, June 2009

    University of Amsterdam
    Lecture / Workshop November 2008

    Helsinki Design Week
    Helsinki, Finland
    Lecture, Oktober 2008

    Dutch Design Days Conference
    Riga, Letland
    Lecture, April 2008

    Pontifícia Universiteit
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazilie
    Lecture, Mei 2008

    Universiteit Twente
    Industrial Design department
    Twente (The Netherlands)
    Lecture, february 2008

    Photo Academy Amsterdam
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    Lecture, February 2008

    Tongji University
    College of Architecture and Urban Planning
    Shanghai, China
    Lecture, November 2007

    Domus Academy
    Milaan, Italy
    Lecture, September 2007

    Willem de Kooning Academie
    Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
    Lecture, Mai 2007

    Tilburg (The Netherlands)
    Lecture, January 2007

    Athens, Greece
    Lecture, December 2006

    Bund 18 Creative Center
    Shanghai, China
    Lecture, September 2006

    Lecture, June 2006

    The Hague
    Discussion, June 2006

    Haagse Hogeschool, Den Haag
    Academy for ICT and Media,
    The Hague, 
    Lecture, May 2006

    St. Joost Kunstacademie
    Breda (The Netherlands)
    Lecture, March 2006

    Central Academy of Fine Arts,
    Beijing, China
    Lecture, March 2005

    Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts
    Tianjin, China
    Lecture, March 2005

    HES, Amsterdam School of Economics
    Lecture, November 2004

    Tongji University Shanghai China
    College of Architecture and Urban Planning
    Lecture, October 2004

    Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, New York
    May 2004

    Photographers Association The Netherlands (PANL)
    Round table discussion, May 2004

    Rode Hoed, Amsterdam
    May 2004

    Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax, Canada)
    March 2004

    Newark, U.S.A.
    March 2004
    The New Jersey Art Directors Club and Kean.

    Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
    European Identity Lectures, February 2004

    Modo van Gelder, Amsterdam
    Round table discussion, May 2004

    Dutch Film and Television Academy, Amsterdam
    Student mentoring Interactive Documentary, 2004

    Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands)
    April 2003

    AKI Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Enschede (The Netherlands)
    Workshop, 2003

    De Balie, Amsterdam

    Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
    Lecture and mentoring of students on an interactive documentary, 2003

    AKI, Enschede (The Netherlands)
    Examination Committee 2003

    Design Seminariet, Højer, Denmark

    Recognition and awards

    Along the way we have been recognized for some of our work.

    This is something that we strive for with every project we undertake. We are proud of what we do and are always honored when our creativity and work is recognized.

    Red Dot Award night


    The Best of Dutch Design Week 2016 award
    Dutch Cuisine exhibition Earth to Table

    Henri Sijthoff Prize 2016 - nomination best annual report
    PostNL Annual Report

    Red Dot Award 2013
    Brandt & Levie

    BeCommerce Award 2013
    Vente Exclusive webshop

    Thuiswinkel Award 2012
    Vente Exclusive webshop

    Successful Design Award 2011
    DSM Brand Experience

    BeCommerce award 2010

    Designpreis Deutschland 2010 / Ministry of Economics - nomination
    Essent Annual Report

    NRC Newspaper, Best food television programme 2009
    Pluijm op Pad

    Red Dot Award 2009
    Essent Annual Report

    IF Award 2009
    PANL book

    Best Designed Dutch Annual Report 2007 - honorable mention
    Delta Lloyd online Annual Report

    Henri Sijthoff Prix 2007 - nomination best annual report
    TNT Annual Report

    Henri Sijthoff Prix 2007 - best financial website
    TNT Annual Report

    Duth Design Award 2007 - selection
    Dutch Red Cross Annual Report

    Transparant Prix 2007 - second price
    Dutch Red Cross Annual Report

    Red Dot Award 2007

    Dutch Grand Prix 2006
    Winner Company Magazines 2006
    Heineken NL magazine

    Scenter Prix 2005
    Delta Lloyd online Annual Report

    Report Watch 2005
    Top 10 best Annual Reports worldwide
    TNT Annual Report

    Best Annual Report 2005
    TPG/TNT Annual Report

    I.D. Magazine 2004
    Interactive Media Design Review - Bronze
    online research project

    I.D. Magazine 2002
    Interactive Media design review 2002 - Silver
    cross media project

    Esprix-award 2002 - Silver Medal
    website production

    Best Annual Report 2002
    Osdorp district, Municipality of Amsterdam Annual Report

    The New York Festivals 2001 - Bronze WorldMedal
    CD-rom production
    'Giving Eyes To ICT' 

    EuroPrix - Nomination 2001
    cross media project

    Trento Film Festival - Nomination 2001
    documentary serries
    14+1 Stations "Ecce Homo'

    International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) - Nomination 2000
    documentary serries
    14+1 Stations "Ecce Homo' 

    EuroPrix - Nomination 2000
    mattmo 2000

    New York Festivals (NYC) - Nomination 2000
    Museum Boijmans van Beuningen '800 years European table cutlery'

    European Design Annual - Nomination 1999
    mattmo 1999

    S.A.M - Golden award 1998
    Boijmans van Beuningen museum '800 years European table cutlery' 

    Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam

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