Looking forward

    The challenge

    ForFarmers asked Mattmo to increase the efficiency and streamline the production process of their annual report.

    This is how the collaboration started in 2014. In the meantime ForFarmers has become a listed company on the Euronext Amsterdam. It is a technical listing that confirms ForFarmers position as Europe's largest cooperative in animal nutrition, along with fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. 

    The solution

    To reach this goal Mattmo enriched their visual design.

    With their new image ForFarmers can better represent themselves and showcase their ideas and vision.

    For the annual report we used ART Mattmo’s Advanced Reporting Tool. This organized the publication process. For ART we created sharp photography, clear infographics and a fully responsive design incorporating both mobile devices and tablets enabling multi-channel viewing for their audience and stakeholders.

    The result

    Publishing ForFarmers’ annual report in ART streamlined the publication process.

    Presenting their earnings and company responsibility in a much clearer way. Showcasing the strength of this company’s ambitions. View their annual report 2016

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