Dutch Innovation Factory

    Visual identity

    Redevelopment, positioning and branding.

    The challenge

    The unique design of the old factory promotes interaction between the Academy of ICT and Media of the The Hague University of Applied Sciences and start-ups.

    Our client, the Foundation for Knowledge and Innovation Zoetermeer asked Mattmo/MASC to develop a corporate positioning and hands-on plan, which positions the building and location.

    The solution

    The central pillar in our approach is the identity of the new complex.

    We examined the core values of the compound and came up with a clear corporate positioning with defined missions, visions, ambition and strategy. The visual identity reflects historical features. “Business and talent creating the future.“

    The result

    Dutch Innovation Factory has its own, appropriate, energetic and distinctive positioning and identity, in which past and future ambitions are anchored.

    The plan provided all ingredients for a powerful internal and external branding, appealing and inviting to all stakeholders and target groups, such as potential tenants. Dutch Innovation Factory contains a national and international profile.

    The campaign is based on provoking quotes from eloquent and inspiring people like Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein. Entrepreneurship, research, innovation and education come together. The first clients recognized themselves herein. 


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